Intuitive Investing Podcast

The Intuitive Investing Podcast is a weekly show providing tools and tips to assist you to become a better investor. Jaden interviews world class investors on their strategies as well as their intuitive methods. When your gut and research match, your ability to live a life of financial freedom is easy.

Nicole Hesse
Nicole Hesse is a self made millionaire who went from being a broke bartender to a seven figure CEO in just 13 months.

Nicole has a unique perspective on the world of sales. She stands firmly against traditional pain point tactics and uses her signature strategy of Catalyst Marketing to attract true clients.

Episode description:
In this episode Nicole shares her strategy for following her intuition and investing. From tip of her nose to the bottom of her feet, Nicole is dialed in.

Dr. Don Wood shares his high level expertise when it comes to achieving top performance in life and business. He has studied high performing athletes and business owners for decades and shares the top 3 tips for what it takes to move from good to great.

Josh Cadillac is a top-selling agent, real estate coach, national speaker, investor, developer, and author who trains RE professionals how to Close for Life by building lasting success through extensive knowledge. He gives agents the education they need to not just close the deal and survive in this industry, but how to create loyal customers that would never do business with anyone other than you.

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